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Green Smoothies – Build Your Own

I have finally made the time to do a quick smoothie post.  I REALLY need to do a video, I know, but this is all my busy schedule is allowing right now.

With smoothies I like to KEEP IT SIMPLE.  I have 4 basic elements I include:

  • Liquid
  • Fruit
  • Greens
  • Supplements, including protein/fat

The how much?  What size?  That depends on two things — your palate, preferred consistency and good rotation.


You have got to shake things up and vary your fruits and greens so that you get a wide variety of nutrients, not just the same thing over and over again.  Different foods have different nutritional profiles  and you don’t want to be denying yourself what Mr. Spinach has to offer if you are only letting Mr. Parsley come to your party.  Capice?

I decide the greens I’m going to use based on what’s on sale at the market. Same with my fruit.   It forces me to rotate, rather than getting too comfy with one additive.  Plus, if it is on sale, frequently that means it is local and plentiful.   It makes all this decision making, well….mindless.  NOTE:  The darker and more bitter greens are exceptionally good for you and blend well with the sweetness of the fruit.  Don’t leave them out.

Supplements – I could go on and on about those, and again, YOU’ll  have to decide what is good for you.  Remember, I’m not a doctor and I don’t play one on TV.  Slowly but surely I’m going to be adding more info about these on the site, but unfortunately, not today.  Some to consider are maca powder, goji berries, lucama, hemp seeds or powder, bee pollen, spirulina, chorella, wheatgrass powder, chia, cacao and coconut oil to name a few.  Since I get very little “animal” protein I make sure my morning smoothie has some good plant based protein in it (hemp seeds, spirulina) to help keep me going strong.

Oh no she didn't...

This is a very unappetizing shot of today’s morning smoothie before blending, but it gives you a little idea of what I’m including based on what I feel I need now.  I’m on a raw food cleanse and using my smoothies as more of a meal replacement this week than anything else.  Ingredients are – banana, pineapple, one tangelo, mixed fresh power greens, hemp seeds, wheatgrass powder, spirulina, maca powder, lucama, goji berry, liquid chlorophyll and water.

This is going to be a HUGE smoothie.  The ingredients come up to the 7 cup mark on my Vitamix.  And it is hard to see here, but about half of that is covered with spring water.

So all I do now, is blend the bejesus out of it.  Half I’ll consume for breakfast and the other half I’ll put in a glass jar and tuck it in the fridge for an afternoon pick me up.

Tip:  If you have a not so strong blender, cut back on the initial amount of water to give the blades something to “chew” on, rather than just pushing them around in the liquid.  Adjust your smoothie to your desired consistency after it is well blended by adding more liquid.

Easy-Peasy.  Tell me what you’re doing with YOUR smoothies.  I want to hear!