Is Clutter Affecting Your Health and Mood?

Is clutter affecting your health and mood?

One thing that it took me a LONG time to learn when I was living in Boston was how GREATLY I was impacted in the wintertime due to light deprivation.  It wasn’t such a big topic of conversation 30 years ago, but as I have aged and educated myself more about this subject,  I’ve made some drastic living adjustments that have greatly benefited my overall health.  Some folks buy sun lamps.  Me?  I got the hell out of the North and moved closer to the equator.

Clutter Health Mood

I have discovered Post-Katrina that I do NOT need much from a space perspective to be happy.  What I do know for sure, is the quality of that space is super important.  As with many things, it’s not size, it’s quality.

When I has my organizational business pre-Katrina I learned quickly how our environment affects how we feel about ourselves.  If you sit in your home and you scan the room with your eyes and all you see is clutter and disarray, I can guarantee you that what you feel INSIDE will mirror what you see.

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Recipes 101 – Radish Greens

recipes 101 radish greens

Radish greens are G-O-L-D.

Do NOT throw them out.

Actually all greens are gold but these ones in particular  frequently  get a bum rap.

Radishes are plentiful, beautiful, and fairly well priced right now. Have you seen those “easter egg ones”? They are gorgeous.

When choosing radishes make sure they are unblemished and don’t look dry.  If you can, choose a bunch that has great looking greens attached to them and I’ll show you two ways to use them.

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Change is Good

laptop photo

Welcome to my new home!

It’s been a long time coming and for many of you who have been following me for a while, the transition has been slow (but steady).

Much like I encourage others with transitioning to better eating, you do what you can when you can and all those small successes start adding up to larger ones.  I’ve reached the tipping point where momentum has become my friend and things are starting to happen fast and furiously.  Talk about exciting!

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