Yum, yum…here I come!

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Gawd I love this face. LOVE IT. How ’bout that green mustache!


This last year has been FILLED with uncertainty, transition and adventure.  What’s that quote that says something like “nothing of value comes easily.”  Well it has been like pulling teeth for the last year trying to get over one hump after another.  Lawdy!  I am finally inching closer to the implementation stage of my new website and as I get closer, things are starting to happen at lightening speed.

I have hesitated wasting your time during this process with blogs and emails that aren’t of any real value to me or my new brand, so I’ve just stepped off.  When my new website goes on line it will completely be focused on my new brand, “practical solutions for healthy transitions” and there will be a great FREEBIE offered for those who are trying to make their transition to better health easier.  Keep your eyes peeled for that!  It’s right around the corner.

http://www.ultimatekitchencommando.com/  will stay up indefinitely during this process as I have many people who visit that site for info and especially for recipes.

Here is the BIG news!

I will be launching a PRODUCT this fall.

That’s right, a real physical put in your hands and feel it with your fingers product that will help people transition more quickly and easily to better health.  The day I started communicating with factories in China I realized that this was all very real, and my sandbox had just gotten much larger.  Lol.  We are still working up a timeline for launch and I’ll keep you in the loop.  It’s VERY exciting…all of it.

Stay tuned.

My retreats also are returning.  I’m in negotiations right now for a fall 2014 YOUR FOOD MAKEOVER RETREAT on one of my favorite beaches in the whole world.  Boo-yah!  I can’t WAIT for this one!!  That information will be up on my new website shortly after it launches.

During this tumultuous year I was also dealing with some pretty serious health issues.  Many of you know I have been struggling with candida and leaky gut and I am finally, FINALLY, seeing some small but significant improvements in that journey.


Be patient and kind to yourself.

My main health priority is to wrangle both of these tigers because I believe that many of the other nagging issues that have plagued me for years are directly related to these two health monsters.  I have been documenting much of it for myself, and will include my findings in my new website sometime shortly after my launch.

Stay tuned for that, as well!

I have returned to the Northeast to work at the international piano camp again as their dinner chef  (sonatina.com).  Between events at camp I am returning to Manchester, NH where I am renting an apartment that enables me to put my head down and WORK.

Can I tell you how THRILLED I am to have my OWN kitchen again?

After living on the road for an ENTIRE year having my OWN KITCHEN is sort of like winning the lottery.  Can you feel my enthusiasm?

It’s not easy living my food lifestyle and sharing space with other people.  My food is just BIG.  Lol.  Seriously.  GREENS take up space.  So I have my head down and I am living and breathing all the fabulous food things I need to do to get my body healed and I feel INSPIRED!

Plus… I have an office with a  desk, and a white board, and bulletin boards, and printer up ALL DAY EVERY DAY.

It’s the small things that bring me great joy.

As we roll into June expect to see more of me around the web.  I’m slowly but surely getting connected, again, on Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter.  I’ll also be blogging more frequently once the new site is up.  Be sure to click on the social networking links to follow me elsewhere.

Here is one thing that I could really use some help with.  I would love to interview some WOMEN who fit (most of) this criteria.

  • 50-55 (ish) years old
  • working professional
  • mom, married with grown children
  • she is possibly a new grandmother (but doesn’t have to be)
  • she knows she needs to start making some changes with the foods she is eating to improve her health, but trying to figure out HOW to make it all works gives her a big fat headache so she keeps putting it off.
  • now that the kids are out of the house she’s re-thinking her own life.
  • her contemporaries are starting to have health issues and she wants to find ways to help both she and her husband make the transition to healthier living before their doctors warn them to change or face scary outcomes with their OWN health.
  • she’s hoping it’s not too late to be pro-active rather than re-active.

Do you know someone like this?  If so, I’d like to talk with them.

I’m sure we can BOTH help each other out.

Contact me at nolajodi@gmail.com or 504-616-7171 and let’s talk about how I can might connect with them.

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Thanks for reading, supporting me and sharing the love.

Stay tuned.  Big things are ’bout to happen!

THANK YOU for your patience with my transitions.  It’s be a helluva year!

REMEMBER…One Green Smoothie CAN change EVERYTHING.

Peace y’all.





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  1. Jodi: great to read how motivated and enthusiastic you are about your projects. best regards from México. by the way, I almost qualify for the person you are looking for, to talk to; except the age, I’m 60.

    • THANK you for the kind words, Lya. I’d love to chat with you. Is it okay to send you an email via your yahoo address?

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