Where y’at, Jodi?


Pip tries to help, but her cuteness is a huge distraction

Will someone PLEASE tell me where the last three months have gone?

Lawdy.  I am gearing up to leave New Orleans for another 6-7 month stretch and am ill prepared for doing so because I feel like I just got home.  But North I will head because I have business to do AND another season of work as the dinner chef at Sonatina in Bennington, Vermont.  I pretty much  work 10 days a month for the piano camp and this year my days off will be vastly different than they were last year.  I’ll  have an apartment in Manchester, NH a short 45 minutes away from anyone I want to see and be near in the great Boston area (my hometown) and I am excited to put my head down and forge forward with my expanding business platform.

I am ready to take a break from living out of my car, which is basically what I have done this past year.  I have moved around quite a bit, and am ready to grow some roots, even if they are temporary ones.  I need a desk and a place to come back to where I can do laundry and repack my bags.  lol.  I haven’t even left the Gulf coast and I am already thinking about my return.  We know I LOVE to travel, but this not having a home base for the last 9 months has been exhausting.  So even if I sound like I’m whining it’s been a great run since May 2013.  Boston — Rockport, MA — Cape Cod — Montreal — Chevy Chase, MD — Charleston — Savannah — Atlanta — Tuskeegee — Pensacola — New Orleans — It’s exciting but trying to stay on top of my necessary food requirements without my own kitchen has been a challenge to say the least.

As you all know, I have been dealing with a myriad of health issues and I believe I have FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY been able to close in on  the root of the problem.  If you remember a few months back I wrote a post about my “craptastic” stool testing results,  and I have since been on the mend. But it took a long time to get where I am and it isn’t going to heal overnight.  Patience is the key.  I have been discovering more EVERY day about how I can help others who are also struggling.  What a JOURNEY!!!

So after SEVER years of an intense search, 10 different doctors in three states (LA, FL & TX), numerous healers in Latin America (oh, there were some really interesting ones) and acupuncturists in several major metropolitan areas,  I believe I have finally landed on the ROOT CAUSE of the medical challenges I have been struggling with for  DECADES.

Systemic candida.

I have been doing research and meeting with my wellness team here in New Orleans and look forward to sharing all I have learned when I can put it into a comprehensive and well though out post.  Lawdy, it’s far reaching but now it ALL MAKES SENSE.  All of it.

I have lots to do this last week here in NOLA before I first head East to the Fort Lauderdale area for a few weeks, then make my way North with an ETA for Vermont around March 26th.

My plan for my time in New England will have me busy with green smoothie classes all over the place.  If you are interested in me doing one for a group in your area, please contact me and let’s work out the details.

Thanks for YOUR patience as I transition, and I look forward to debuting my new website in the next few months.  Stay tuned.




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  1. We are happy for your health and pass the good word on to those who need help. Many thanks, Jodi we love you and your FOOD. Great happiness, R and M

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