The SUN is your FRIEND!

EXCESS sun is your enemy.

Stop being afraid of the damn sun!

I am convinced that one of the reasons that my health has been generally good most of my life is my huge affinity for being outside wearing as few clothes as possible.  No lie.  Call me crazy, but I believe one of the major contributing factors to the downward spiral of America’s health is a Vitamin D deficiency.

Decades ago when the whole ozone scare arose and they started putting sunscreen in EVERYTHING, we as a culture, stopped getting what we NEEDED from the sun.  Now, sunscreen is advertised as pretty much being in everything you might put on your skin from make up and moisturizer  to clothes.  It makes me crazy.  There are actually people who believe that skin cancer is coming not from the sun but the crap we put on our skin.  That’s right.  Slathering on sunscreen chemicals and sitting in the sun for hours on end could have an adverse effect on your health, just baking all that bad crap into your hot and open pores.  Blech.

Now I’m not suggesting you go out in the sun for hours on end and not protect yourself.  No ma’am. What I am suggesting is that you also consider protecting yourself with clothes or an umbrella.  You can be outside and still not be IN the sun the whole time.  Be prudent.  If you are spending an entire day outside say at a festival, fishing, or the like, then by all means, find a good quality sunscreen, preferably with mostly zinc oxide, and cover up.  Because a sunburn is really never ever good for you.  But you DON’T have to cover up with sunscreen every time you leave the house.  And it doesn’t have to be in all your skin care products.  THAT’s ridiculous.

My lunch time break in the back yard.

My lunch time break in the back yard.

What I am suggesting is that you need to knowingly get out in the sun WITHOUT  sun protection for about 15–20 minutes a day (arms and face exposed to the sun is sufficient for good uptake).  Why?  Because your body was DESIGNED to take Vitamin D this way.  Stop trying to pop a pill when the weather is good.  Get you butt outside.

So let’s just think when would be a good time to get that sun? Hmmmmm.  Hel-lo!! Lunch.  Grab a friend and your lunch and head outside.  The benefit you’ll get from the sun is great.  The benefits you’ll get from being out of the office and spending time with a co-worker – priceless.

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  1. Totally, totally, totally agree. Many things point to this: men work more outdoor jobs but women have higher rates if skin cancer. Why? I believe it is not the sun, as some doctors claim, but all the creams, lotions, and chemicals that women apply. That HAS to be worse for a person than the sun. Meanwhile, as sun exposure drops, Vitamin D issues are rising. Bone issues, skin issues, calcium absorption, etc. Burning is bad. It is damage to the skin from the sun. But the body has a defense for that: tanning. If you get enough sun and get natural vitamin D you do not burn as you are protected. Hiding inside and then going to the beach or sitting at a ball game roasting your white skin until its lobster red once a year? THAT is what is bad for a person.

    Glad you wrote this one!

  2. Once again I completely agree with you, Jodi. My doc says virtually everyone around here is deficient because of our winters and sunscreen. I take 8-10 thousand units/day in the winter and I did not use protection except what comes in my skin care for my face and a visor during the summer. I purposely exposed my arms and legs all summer.

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