Road Food

So what does a gal like me take on the road when I’m traveling for 10-12 days?  You KNOW I can’t be pulling into Micky D’s for a snack, right?  Remember I’m off of gluten, soy & corn.  The fast food highway is NOT an option for me.  So here are what’s in my big ass lunch pail.  Perfect?  No, but pretty darn close to it.

Road Food

Road Food

You can see some of the packaged foods.  Those chips make me break out like a teenager, but when I need that salty crunch, I’ve got to have it.  The trail mix and dried mango slices are usually in my bag on ANY given day.   Unfortunately, Whole Foods is having a difficult time keeping them in stock and that’s all I have for the WHOLE trip.  I didn’t get around to ordering them through before I left.  Bad, Jodi.  The pistachios are roasted and salted (OMG, nooooooooo) because I used to LOVE to eat pretzels when I was on long road trips, and this is the closest and safest choice I can get to those salty baked wonders.

The organic brown rice cake is my “bread”.  I love to have it in the morning for breakfast with a slather of nut butter and either sliced bananas or raw honey.  They also make a savory snack when drowned with mashed ripe avocado and sprinkled with a little sea salt.  I don’t need to explain the chocolate, right?  The apples are also very good sliced and dipped in the cashew butter.

Those bags on top of the nut butters hold raw trail mix and dried sliced mango.  And yes, that’s chocolate.  Soy free chocolate.

Restaurants I’ll be looking for will feature salads, salads and more salads. Ruby Tuesday’s (OMG did she just say that???) for their salad bar when I’m desperate.  I’ve got a new Chipotle app on my phone because while not a perfect choice, it’s a fairly good one, especially if I bypass the animal products (cheese, meats, dairy).   I’ll be looking for Indian food (typically vegan friendly), Vietnamese (soy friendly), Thai (veg friendly) and maybe some Mexican.   Those are my “go to” cuisines when I’m out and about.  In middle America I suspect there will be lots of Mexican – beans, rice, veggies.

Some folks have asked why I don’t have a cooler and more “fresh” food with me.  First, I have NO room for it.  My car is FULL UP with things I’m going to need in the next 6 months.  Secondly the thought of managing that sort of crap on a 2600 mile road trip exhausts me.  Most of what I brought with me is the stuff you need in a pinch–in between meals.  That’s were the big mistakes are made.  I can plan three meals a day no matter where I am (more on that in another post).  This was to get me through the snack attacks and potential missed meals.  The rice cakes are great with a mashed avocado on top in a pinch for a meal.  Or, slathered with nut butter and a sliced banana.  For 10 days, not likely.  But if I can’t FIND a meal where I am, I could create one with what I’ve got.

Oh and BTW, I have those sweet potato chips away.  They looked great in the store, but I know better.

So again, perfect?  No.  But pretty darn close.

Stay tuned!


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  1. Wish we got those Quinoa cookies out here, they look yummy.

  2. Thanks for sharing tricks of the trade Jodi! Keeping an eye on you via FB, can’t wait to get you into New England baby!

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