On the road from Lousiana to Vermont – All aboard!

Many of you already know I am leaving New Orleans for several months and heading North to Vermont to accept a part-time position at an uber cool piano camp in Bennington, VT called Sonatina.  I’m honored and excited to become part of this amazing team, and look forward to summering in the cool and breezy northern territory.  When they roll up the carpet for the year in the middle of November, I’ll be heading south again, but how far south remains to be seen.  Mexico may be calling as I try and develop an international retreat location, but today it’s one step at a time, one day at a time and before I head anywhere else, I’ve got to get to Bennington.

So why the hell do I have to head WEST to go NORTH?

Many of you know I was diagnosed with LEAKY GUT not too long ago, and I have been on the path to better health WITHOUT the assistance of a doctor.  The last 6-7 years of trying to get to the leaky gut diagnosis have been a nightmare, and I am hopeful I have finally found the doctor I’ve been looking for.  Her name is Amy Myers and she has a business called Austin Ultra Health in Austin, TX.  Thanks to technology, we don’t necessarily have to have face to face meetings with all of our doctors, and we can frequently Skype to accomplish the same things that would have required many miles of travel in the past.  But unfortunately, the state of Texas requires that your INITIAL meeting be face to face in order to continue to have web based meetings.  So off I go, and I look forward to finally getting a hold on this condition.  I suspect you are all going to be the benefactors of the appointment so hold on, more is coming.

During my trip I’ll be visiting and stay with some old friends in Texas and Memphis.  Beyond Memphis there is no schedule, no plan and no route.  I’ve done my research, made my considerations but will let the road ahead decide where where it all goes from that point forward.  If you have any suggestions of places I need to see, farms or farmers markets that shouldn’t be missed, gardens, landmarks or people I should include on my journey, please feel free to email me. I’m planning on blogging regularly and including my stops as I make my way north.

Here is my “proposed” route.

View Proposed Route to VT in a larger map

REMINDER:  My business will be moving forward.  I am NOT giving it up  to take this job.  The chef gig is a part-time position that will allow me the flexibility and mobility I need to take my business to the next level.  Things will likely be a bit slow from arrival through the end of July (the longest stretch of time where they pretty much own my ass), but then it will be just 10 days a month of work, and plenty of time to get back to business building. So if you or anyone you know is in the Northeast region of the country, I’m available for work.  Yes. I. Am.

Stay tuned!!

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  1. so exciting for you. look forward to hearing about you journey and you Dr appt.

  2. Wahoo, we Get to see you in vermont!

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